Cortex Defect Manchester, UK

Cortex Defect was created as a continuation of former UK EBM band Kontaminant when vocalist David Ian and synth player Discordia parted ways with the rest of the band.

The band are now working towards completing their next single "Sentinel" which will be the first release to be pressed.
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Track Name: Affliction
Painful the mortality we all observe
Taking your first breath -countdown unto death.
Bodies twist like grotesque mannequins
Decades leave just a frame of decay.
Can you feel your days slipping away?
Until you're old and grey, trappped in a cage.
Scream at your face in a mirror
Your mortal life reflects fear and rage.

And I don't want to live like this
So I live my life like it's fiction.
And I don't want to live like this
The hands of time my affliction.

Now I feel like I am trapped inside
A mortal coil with too much pride.
And one day I know I'll be released
But this really is no way to live like this.
No book can provide any remedy
Affliction can't be unlocked by a key.
One day the winds will blow me unto dust
One day we'll be memories and dust.

(From the moment of birth I started to rot away
It feels like flesh traps me like a cage.
So I hope something will change someday
And not just live this life of apathy).
Track Name: Instruments Of Self Destruction
For the pleasure I got so wicked obscene
I paid with my life I've been so naive.
I crave you more I'm never full
You make me suffer I will die alone.

Shaking to bits, stepping aside
Locking away the rational side.
Shaking to bits, stepping aside
No longer human, I'm empty inside.

This is your addiction, bitter sweet life conviction
Enslave yourself to keep it well fed, dependence makes you wish you were dead.
Pain controlled seduction, Instruments of self destruction
Enslave yourself to keep it well fed, the one that makes you wish you were dead.

It makes you euphoric so warm and feel so calm
The heart is left frozen and doesn't respond.
In my mirror of memories I lost who I used to be
Eyes bruised and blackened from the suffer they've seen.
Track Name: Tyranny
Switch off the box of propaganda and lies
Smooth talking snake with your big grin disguise.
You act like a saint but you're only a beast
Oblivious to the starving populous at your feet.

Break the nation with your iron fist
Megalomaniacal lunatic.
Your deceptive guile really makes me sick
Confess your sins you heretic

Bloated like a parasite you feed on our faith
Billions are squandered and it's all such a waste.
Delusional, out of touch - I hear all the same
Spreading your corruption so the tyrant can reign.